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Welcome to the Class of 2030.


‘May you live in interesting times’ said Confucius. One look around and we know his wish has come true.
Boundaries every where and on every front are being pushed.
Man’s walk on the moon pales in comparison to scientists’ recent claim that it’s possible to
resurrect the mighty Tyrannosaurus from a single DNA strand.
In 1977 there were zero IT designations. Today there are millions.
The world is changing in the blink of an eye.
According to renowned speaker and author, Sir Ken Robinson, we have to prepare to teach our children
today, skills they’ll need to help them in their work place in 2030. A Herculean task when we consider it’s
practically impossible to predict what the world will be like 5 years from now. Let alone 20.
However, good human values and a questioning mind will always enable a person stand steadfast.
And it is our mission to instill in our pupils these qualities. To imbibe in them the love for
learning so no matter what spin the future bowls, they’ll be equipped to hit a six. The leaders of tomorrow.