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  • Lincoln Chawora

    Web Developer



    About me

    Personal statement

    I describe myself as a happy, easy to talk to and hardworking individual. I always make sure that I have a smile on my face at all times to ensure that I can keep myself and those around me positive. I feel that I am driven and determined to always work in overdrive at all times for the good of the team and also for the completion of the project or task.

    Technical Skills

    Web development

    • HTML5 & CSS3
    • JavaScript
    • JQuery
    • PHP

    Experienced in

    • Version control - GIT
    • Symfony framework
    • Bootstrap framework
    • w3schools

    Work experience

    Front end developer - HMRC

    September 2016 - September 2017

    At my placement with HMRC I worked in a design team as a front-end developer with UX/UI design responsibilities. The team was responsible for delivering the service used by hundreds of thousands of people to register their companies in the UK today. Throughout the year I worked closely with each member of the design team and the developing team to gain an understanding of their roles to further my own development.

    Referee - Power league

    January 2015 – Current (Part-Time)

    Working as a referee is something I am extremely passionate about because of my love of football. The job requires to me to be fair, concise and confident in the decisions I make, whilst also being stern to ensure that no problems occur during the games.


    University of Salford

    2014 - Present

    First Year (2:2) Second Year (2:1) Final Year (1st)
    Web Content Creation - 71 Group Design Project - 71 Virtual Reality and 3D Games - 86
    Database Systems - 56 HCI & Usability - 66 Animated Graphics - 81
    Professional Development & Practices - 56 Creative Media Production - 63 Advance Web Development - 65
    Introduction to Windows Programming - 53 Digital Audio Production - 62 Mobile Application Development - 65
    Introduction to Video Production - 51 Server Side Programming - 59 Final Year Project - 65
    Introduction to Computer & Network Systems - 45 System Administration - 51 *Placement Year – 1st

    Loreto College

    2012 - 2014

    ICT - C

    Film Studies - C

    Media Studies - C

    Graphics - C


    See the creation process of this website!

    BLOG | 16/03/18

    Planning And Design

    Planning On the initial planning phase of wanting to design and create my own website, I had to consider the type of website which I wanted. After giving it some thought about what I wanted to get out of the site I decided to create a website that would include my CV in some way, act as my portfolio but because I also wanted to document the experience I decided to have a blog portion of the site so that it could have a content management system (CMS) feel to it. The inclusion of the blog aspect to the site would allow me to take on a more technical challenge and further my knowledge of the PHP Framework ‘ Symfony ‘, the reason I wanted to use Symfony for this task is because I had briefly used it in a module during my first semester of final year in university. After the enjoyment, I gained from that module and also wanting to improve my web development skills from a back-end perspective because I eventually want to become a developer, using Symfony was an obvious choice. For the front-end aspect of the site I would be using the bootstrap framework as it was what I was most familiar with and also because it would allow me to build a site that was also mobile responsive without changing too much , I also aimed for the site to include the use of the jQuery library where ever appropriate for the design. During the process, I would also come to heavily incorporate the w3schools framework as it suited my needs where bootstrap couldn’t. Design Once I decided on what content I would have within the site as well as the tools I would be using to develop it I continued with the design phase for the project by seeking for inspiration on websites that I felt incorporated similar features to the vision I had in mind. The types of websites which I felt suited the vision I had for my own website were digital agency websites, the reason for this is because I associated those sites with having slick and simple designs whilst also heavily incorporating complex features with the latest tools in most cases. Although a majority of the sites were built to a larger scale than what I intend on creating, I felt that their designs gave me a good basis to start from, also leaving room for future expansions of the site as I learn new tools that I can use to incorporate into the site as time goes on.

    (919) 500-0741

    BLOG | 16/03/18

    Client Side (Front-End)

    The front end of my site is built using the bootstrap framework as well as the w3schools framework in some cases, due to me using the Symfony framework it means I am also utilizing the Twig templating engine which allows me to be flexible with my development when combined with HTML and CSS. Initially, I intended to purely use bootstrap for this project but as time progressed and as I ran into issues I constantly found myself referring back to w3schools which provided me with simple and effective solutions. From this occurrence, I was prompted to read up and go through the w3schools documentation in order to familiarise myself with its capabilities and also its limitations. The use of bootstrap and w3schools meant that my project had two powerful frameworks that I could use to create a site that had a strong front end. In order to support the frameworks I also decided to tap into the JavaScript library, jQuery in situations where it was possible, the reason I made this decision is because JavaScript and jQuery were tools which I was using on my placement but in a limited aspect, so I felt that to increase my knowledge and experience with jQuery I should take the opportunity to use it on my own personal site. Another reason why I wanted to get back into using jQuery is that I wanted to ensure that my skills with it were sharpened so that I can make the transition into learning React and or Angular. The reason I would like to learn React and or Angular is that I feel that they are tools which would definitely take my skills as a web developer to the next level for my own personal use but also for my career.

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