Who doesn’t love getting new mail!

Why do we only get notifications when we get email?

That is exactly what Mr. Postman gives you, just like a dog barking by the window to let you know that his nemeses, the Mailman, has arrived. Mr. Postman is a smart mailbox that gives you the ability to manage your mail while away from the house or even on a rainy day.  Mr. Postman alerts you when mail is delivered and picked up and allows you to lock or unlock the door remotely for security purposes.

It learns the postman’s schedule so whether you have outgoing mail or delivered mail you haven’t picked up yet, the box remains locked until the postman’s arrival or your trip to the mailbox after work. The status of the mailbox and mail can be monitored from the app on a smartphone. Additionally, if you’re not home and want a friend or neighbor to grab your mail, Mr. Postman gives you the ability to send a one-time use virtual key for easy unlocking.  So whether it’s raining outside and you just want to know if the mail has arrived, Mr. Postman can bark-ify you.






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This invention came thanks to my better half and the best dog ever, Firu.  Everyday around 4 p.m. Firu would bark, and at first, we didn’t know why.  Soon after though, we realized that he was barking at the mailman.  With that, my wife’s excitement to get new mail started.  But we don’t always get new mail, and since not everyone has an amazing dog like Mr. Firu, we thought, why not create a mailbox that like him, would let you know when you have mail?  And why not add more security than a regular ol’ mailbox?

And with that, Mr. Postman was born.

Mr. Firu himself

– Firu models on the side –


we are a group of professionals

passionate about using technology

to make simple things easier


Manuel Masri


Manuel was born and raised in Argentina.  He received a BS in Telecommunications Engineering and has been inventing things since he was 10 years old when made a blinker for his dad’s bike out of toy that he disassembled.   Manu is the ‘idea man’ and visionary of the company and has several years experience working in technology consulting and project management.


Pablo Masri


Pablo, Manu’s brother was born and still lives in Argentina.  He followed in his brother’s footsteps and also received a BS in Telecommunications Engineering from Blas Pascal.  Pablo is the technical minded of the brothers and is the behind the scenes networker, our resident ‘technical handyman’. Pablo brings several years experience in networking and teaching Cisco technologies.


Christy Masri


Christy is from South Carolina and received degrees from Clemson University in Marketing and Spanish.  With her experience over the last several years, she brings financial, sales, and marketing strategy to the team.  In these early days though, she wears many other hats, ranging from PR specialist to design coordinator.


Alicia Guzman

Director Of Design

Alicia Guzman, Director of Design, was born and resides in Argentina.  She received a BA in Interior Design, but brings decades of architecture, interior and exterior design to the team.  Due to this experience, any prototype or project that requires any sort of design, she is tirelessly involved in.  She makes our products reflect our vision for the company, simple, secure, and of course attractive!


Why Mr. Postman?


Manage your mail while away from the house


Receive notifications when mail is picked up/delivered



Smart security that learns postman’s schedule


Share virtual key with neighbors to securely access mail



Track packages and know what arrives


Keyless? Yes you are correct


alerts you when someone is tampering

with your mailbox



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